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  • captain_comic_con_vs_captain_america_by_rnabrandent-d74oobg

    Artist Alley Comic Con Schedule for 2014

    Los Angeles Comic & SciFi Con, March 16th (Confirmed) WonderCon in Anaheim, April 18-20th (Confirmed) Big Wow Comic Fest, May 17-18th (Confirmed) Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, June 20-22nd (Confirmed) Capital City Comic Con Austin, Texas, July 11-13th (Confirmed) San Diego Comic Con, July 24-27th (Table unconfirmed) Wizard World San Antonio , August 1-3rd (Tentative) [...]

  • Hangwire-DIHE-Issue2cover-feature

    Latest News and Previews

    Once again, we’re still kicking down the doors at all the Comic Cons going on. We have several more showings this Fall starting with Las Vegas Comic Expo. Check out our Events Schedule for more information. In other news, we’ve secured a colorist for our book Hangwire: Devil In His Eyes. I’m really excited to [...]

  • comic-con_logo

    Post Comic Con 2013 & News

    Well, it’s come and passed, and was a great success individually. We might have some jobs in the near future with other comics, and possibly publication on a larger scale. In that time, we’ll be at Chicago Wizard World Comic Con and a few others we’ll be announcing this month as well. Here’s our Artist [...]

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