RNA Brand Apparel and Entertainment is a content producing company specializing in graphic novels, comic strips and art, and also producer of t-shirt graphic design. We started in 2002 with the sole purpose of being an Apparel company for a niche Native American market. As time went on, we sought to expand our expertise into what we’ve always loved; Comics! Fast forward to the present. We’re new comics, art and graphics on a daily basis. Most of our market is based in Southern California at many Comic Book Conventions, but are branching out nation-wide!

Our Team

Douglas Freeman — Owner, Creator, Writer and Artist. Douglas has been formally trained in Illustration Art and has created numerous titles viewable here. His first creation, Hangwire, had previously been published online and will be a continuing story arc which is available online for free and soon a print comic book. @rnabrand

Ron Coleman — Creator and writer of “Kevin: The Drunk Jedi”, a parody of your beloved sci-fi fantasy series that everyone knows. Ron has been a panelist for Full Creativity on a Part Time Schedule in several comic book conventions every year, and his upcoming title will be exclusively produced by RNA Brand Entertainment. For news, updates and the exclusive comic strip, please visit Twitter and the future Facebook fan page.

Maya Mazon — Co-Writer and creator of “Kevin: The Drunk Jedi”. She collaborates with Ron Coleman on the comic book and strips that will be debuting on our Facebook page!

Heather Flessing — Additional writer and editor for strong>”Kevin: The Drunk Jedi”. She works with Ron Coleman & Maya Mazon on the web-based comic strip and on the upcoming FaceBook fan page.

Shawn Nunez — Creator and actor of Captain Comic Con. Shawn created his character to represent Comic Book Conventions and Indie Wrestling. The comic is now available and will be a continuing story arc. Captain Comic Con

Larry Carlin — Larry is the house photographer and a freelance photographer for RNA Brand and himself. He’s covered many Comic Cons and Indie Wrestling shows. He has a degree in photography and has an online gallery here.¬†Follow @shutterpoint3

Francisco Correa — Videographer and Editor for RNA Brand videos and Cap’s Confessional. Captain Comic Con’s official video series. Francisco has a degree in video filming and editing. Our plan is to create a fun and new way of covering Comic Con, and delivering to those who can’t attend a series of videos, photos and comics to give them access that they may not have experienced. Follow on Youtube

Updated regularly, and our web comic books and strips are free to view online and on our Twitter and Facebook page.

Douglas Freeman Owner

Contact Us

Phone: 760 685 2429


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