Old COD: Black Ops 2 upload…

Sometimes, I forget there was an original Youtube channel I had that was connected to Call of Duty… Here’s an oldie but goodie. I’ll post more soon!

4D Mystery Theater is here!

We’re now putting new videos up!

Introducing The Interested Gamer and The Gaming Bro; Two of the most hardcore gamers under the age of 13 you will meet.

Also, introducing 4D Mystery Theater. Soon, the members of 4D (Drunken Danny, Dennis and Doug) will be here and playing games, reviewing games and TV and Movies. These will be Rated M for Mature.

Please stay tuned on our website and visit the “Latest Movies” for new updates or check out our YouTube channel! Planning on Daily videos with new games on retro consoles, PC, Mac, X Box 360, Playstation 3, X Box One and more! -Doug.

Movies coming soon!


This is the RNA Brand Entertainment sub-section about to bring in animated cartoon, live action and animated comic book content, exclusive to the site. We also plan on bringing you exclusive DVD content with outtakes, behind the scenes and Captain Comic Con coverage at different conventions never seen before.

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Movies very soon!